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Pre-AP Algebra 2, Algebra 2

Information for each course can be found below following the weekly planbook calendar.  Be sure to scroll DOWN for the correct course.

Daily activities, objectives, and homework are detailed here.  Links for each handout are also on the daily calendar below.  We will update this calendar at least a week in advance, and as each day approaches, we will EDIT the content shown here if changes arise.  We aim to be planned in advance for your needs, but also need to be FLEXIBLE as what happens in class each day drives our instruction.  Consider the advance planning to be a framework :).  Each day will be updated before we leave for the day.

The BEST way to get a hold of us is through email:  maggie.moore@sbobet เล่นฟรี www.misetsuku.com or yue.wang@ sbobet เล่นฟรี www.misetsuku.com which will be checked each night and also first thing each morning.  We encourage communication from our students, and if we don't get to your question or concern in time for you to accomplish whatever task it is that you had...an email from you not only helps to drive instruction for the next day, but also serves to help be offer flexibility when it comes to YOUR assignment. 

Course Descriptions and Syllabi can be found below the calendar.

Pre-AP Algebra 2

Pre-AP Algebra 2: SEE "Moore Planbook" for daily calendar!

Pre-AP Algebra II Syllabus

Instructors –Mrs. Moore and Ms. Wang

Course Philosophy:

This course will emphasize a multi-representational approach to the study of algebraic concepts.  Most concepts will be represented symbolically, numerically, graphically and verbally.  Students will become adept at changing from one representation to another and in choosing the representation that is most useful in context.  Technology will be used to investigate relationships, collect data, find models and make conjectures.  The students will learn how and when to use technology, as well as some of its limitations.  In this course, students will be expected to learn how to solve problems.  They will also be expected to understand why the technique works and to reflect back on what their solutions represent.


Marking Period Grades

Homework and Notebook – approximately 40% of grade

Assignments are usually given every day.  They are due the next class day.  It is very important that the problems in the assignment are attempted before the next class.  Problems that students have difficulty with will be discussed at the beginning of the next class. Answer keys are linked to Planbook on the day they are assigned.
Homework assignments will be worth 5 points. 1 point for taking notes on the lesson and 4 for completing the assignment.  Students will self-assess daily for most assignments.
It is vital to stay current with material and assignments in order to be properly prepared for each coming lesson, therefore late homework is NOT accepted unless the student is absent and excused.


Quizzes and Tests – approximately 60% of grade

Tests are given at the completion of units.  A thorough review                            

       will be given before all tests.  Short quizzes are given   

       periodically on basic skills and as needed.   


 II.           Semester Grades – approximately 90% marking period work and 10% Final


III.         Grading Scale:  A   93-100


B+  87-89

B    83-86

B-   80-82

C+  77-79

C    73-76

C-   70-72

D+  67-69

D    63-66

D-   60-62

E     0-59





Algebra 2

Algebra 2: SEE "Moore Planbook" for daily calendar!

Maggie Moore

maggie.moore@sbobet เล่นฟรี www.misetsuku.com

Yue Wang

yue.wang@sbobet เล่นฟรี www.misetsuku.com                                    

Syllabus Algebra 2  

Course Description:


Grades 10-12. Prerequisite: Geometry. Also, C grade (or better) should be obtained in   Algebra I for a successful study of the course. If not, please sign up for Math Lab concurrently. Meets Mathematics requirements for graduation.

This course is a continuation of Algebra I and includes a study of the operations with real numbers, equations, inequalities and applications, graphs and functions, polynomials, rational expressions, irrational and complex numbers, quadratic equations and functions, systems of equations, synthetic division, remainder and factor theorems, second-degree curves, exponential and logarithmic functions, arithmetic and geometric series, and an introduction to the trigonometric functions, equations, and vectors.


1st semester Algebra 2 outline:                                                               2nd semester Algebra 2 outline   

           ·    Family of Functions                                                                 -  Polynomial Functions

           ·    General Transformations of a function                        -  Plane Sections of a Cone (Conics)

           ·    Matrices and Systems                                                              -  Trigonometry

           ·      Exponential Functions                                                           -   Probability and Statistics

           ·    Logarithmic, and Power Functions

EDUCATIONAL OUTCOMES/OBJECTIVES: Each lesson will be based directly on Common Core State

Standard which are posted in the room. Students will be able to:

           ·     Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

           ·     Reason abstractly and quantitatively.

           ·     Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

           ·     Model with Mathematics

           ·     Use Appropriate Tools Strategically.

           ·    Attend to precision.

           ·     Look for and make use of structure.

           ·     Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning


Students are given credit for completed assignments only. Daily homework assignments that are late will not be accepted. The only time late homework assignments will be accepted is when the student was absent from class with an excused absence. Projects, graphs, and major assignments can be turned in late with a penalty. Each day it is late, the student will lose points lowering the grade to one- third (1/3) of a grade (A to A-). If the student has not turned in the major assignment, project, or graph within in one week of the due date, the student will receive a zero for that particular assignment.

Website:  You can find the entire CALENDAR including linked assignments and objectives for the lessons through my teacher page on the school website.  We use a format through planbook.edu


Students are required to keep a three ringed math binder only for this class where they are to keep daily notes, assignments, and graph paper for the semester. In addition to the text and binder students must bring a pencil, ruler, and graphing calculator to class each day. Instructions will be given for the TI 84 graphing calculators.

Classroom Rules:

All students are expected to have good manners, follow school rules and respect their classmates, as well as the teacher. Students are expected to bring necessary materials and have themselves physically and mentally prepared to learn when the class begins. Severe infractions will be referred to an administrator.

Make-up Policy:

Students will have two days per each day missed to turn in make-up assignments. When a test or project is assigned in advance of the absence the student will be expected to take the test or turn in the assignment on the due date. If a student must make up the test or assignment at school, the make up test and assignments will be given during Tuesday and Thursday Excel time or after-school by appointment with me. Students will only have one week to make up the test and assignments before it becomes a zero.

Attendance Policy:

Students will be marked tardy if they are not in their seats when the bell rings. It is important we start class in an orderly and efficient manner. Reminder that three tardies = 1 absence.  The attendance policy will be followed from the handbook.


Grading procedure: 60% Tests and Quizzes, 40% Assignments (homework, projects, mastery quizzes).


Grades will be based on the following points:            

93 -100 =  A

73 - 77 = C

1. Tests (50-100 points)                                                   90 - 92 = A-

70 - 72 = C-

2. Quizzes (10-40 points)                                                88 - 89 = B+

68 - 69 = D+

3. Projects (10-50 points)                                                83 - 87 = B

63 - 67 = D

4. Daily Assignments (1-5 points)                              80 - 82 =  B-

60 - 62 = D

                                                                                               78 - 79 = C+

Final exam will be 10% of semester grade and it will be cumulative.

Extra Help: I will be available to help students during excel period, after school by appointments, and over e-mail. Parents/ Guardians if you have any questions it is best to reach me at my e-mail address above. Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Maggie Moore

59 - 0 = E