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Email: Ross.gorman@sbobet เล่นฟรี www.misetsuku.com
Phone: 517-333-7522
Twitter: @MrGorman_ELHS

About Mr. Gorman

My name is Mr. Ross Gorman, and I'm teaching World History and Contemporary Issues, and AVID this year at East Lansing. It’s my third year at East Lansing High School, and I couldn’t be happier to be back. I’m a Michigan State graduate and I’ve just recently moved to East Lansing as well. I taught U.S. and World History at Portland High School prior to my time in East Lansing. I choose to teach because I struggled when I was in grade school, and that has always been a motivating factor in how I build my classroom. It’s a place where I push the high achievers and ask much of them, but also offer a generous hand to those who feel they’re normally left behind. If this is the year of your child’s comeback I ask you make use of my grading policies, they’re designed to help all my students excel while mirroring real world expectations, and they can only be fully utilized if parents at home are on the same page. Rest assured though, if your child is Ivy League bound they’re in good hands. I started my college career with a 4.0 average and ended with numerous accolades. I’m always pushing my students to pick up additional reading and challenge their horizons. I have a personal library of books in my classroom that span topics from American Black History to the global historical significance of Pikachu, and I’m happy to lend them out to those students always look to learn more.

If you have any qeustions please don't hesitate to contact me through phone number or email above.

World History

For all world history students, homework and classworkin my class can be resubmitted for full credit corrections on any points missed after it has been submitted. All homework may be turned in late at no penalty up to the date of each unit test,  however all in class work that is submitted late will be subject to a 50% grade penalty.

Plankbook -  https://www.planbookedu.com/s/XECQY

Contemporary Issues

For all contemporary issues students work in my class can be resubmitted for full credit corrections. Late work is subject to a 50% grade penalty.

Planbook - https://www.planbookedu.com/s/4K7FA



Planbook - https://www.planbookedu.com/s/NXF58