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Hello! I'm Mrs. Palmiter and this year (2018-2019) I teach AP European History & AP World History. I am also advisor for our student Model United Nations club.   If this is your first visit to my teacher page, here's a little background on who I am.

My present career, calling, and passion is teaching, but I am also a licensend though not currently practicing attorney.  There is a strong connection between what I did as an attorney and what we do as historians.  Both professions require us to interpret and use information from a variety of sources with varying points of view and degrees of reliability, completeness, and accuracy.  In a legal context, they may be called contracts, affidavits, and witness testimony.  In a history context, they are our primary and secondary sources, images, maps, etc.  Both lawyers and historians interpret the evidence and present their best evidence-based arguments to support their interpretations of the past.  That evidence-based analysis and understanding of the past is the approach we'll use in AP Euro and AP World this year.

On a personal note, I live in Portland with my husband Mike,  two of my four children, a large dog named Montgomery, and several barn cats, including the matriarch of the cat clan, the one and only one-eyed cat named "Mordu"!

I have been happily married to a great guy named Mike for the past 31 years.  Together we raised 4 incredible children.  My oldest, Brian, is completing a doctorate in politcal theory at Harvard.  We had an amazing time in Banff, Canada this past summer, celebrating his wedding to a brilliant young woman named Whitney! While Brian teaches and completes his PhD program, Whitney has begun her career as an architect with a firm in Boston.  Next comes Cait.  She is an incredibley talented graphic designer and illustrator, married to a fantastic guy named Will who is a computer engineer.  They recently made a very brave and exciting life change, taking time off from their careers, selling most of their worldly possessions, and heading out on a 1-year adventure to travel, do volunteer work, and devote more time to pursue their other writing and creative passions.  I am incredibly excited for them!  My third child, Colleen, lives at home and is a recent MSU graduate, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Biology & Environmental Science.  She is also a "Bee Charmer" -- pursuing her hobby of caring for a busy hive of bees! Finally, my youngest, Rose, graduated from MSU last year with a degree in Communications and a Spanish minor.  Following graduation, she set off on a 6 month adventure enjoying life as a junior park ranger in the Colorado mountains.  She's home again now and, although I truly love having both of my girls home with me, both she and Colleen are searching for that next job-adventure!

If you need to contact me at any time, the best way is via email.  My school email address is: susan.palmiter@ sbobet เล่นฟรี www.misetsuku.com and I try to check it regularly!

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