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Welcome to Akers' English dystopia. Here, I will play the role of Virgil, guiding you through the heretofore unexplored 10th circle,  While the gluttons and moneylenders suffer through their own unique brands of punishment, you will be deafened by demands for critical thinking and bludgeoned with the written word. 

Let it be known that I am a benevolent dictator---I truly have your best interests at heart, even if you refuse to recognize this fact. It is my goal to teach you to regard all texts with a critical eye, to question the foundation of every argument, and to write with confidence and eloquence. And along the way, to test your character with heavy doses of sarcasm. My philosophy is to push you off the end of the dock without a lifejacket; however, I stand at the ready to fish you out of the water.

Work hard, ask questions, have fun,

AP Language and Composition